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Where to buy Melanotan 2, What is Melanotan 2, Best place to Buy melanotan 2

What is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II is a synthetic form of the naturally-occurring molecule α melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH), which is a peptide that’s thought to help both males and females with sexual dysfunction.

This molecule is also believed to give patients a nice tan when injected since it stimulates the production of melanin, which is the primary hormone that’s responsible for skin pigmentation.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the sun may damage your skin cells and increase the risk of developing skin cancers, such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Therefore, used Melanotan 2 injections which is the best alternative to get tanned without exposing yourself to harmful UV light radiation.

In this article, we will discuss the major benefits of Melanotan, its potential side effects, and the main difference between the two types of Melanotan.

What is the difference between Melanotan I and Melanotan II?

Both Melanotan I and II provide similar effects to the skin; however, they are structurally different.

For instance, Melanotan I is a long peptide that has a similar structure to the naturally-occurring peptide, while Melanotan II is a circular version that has fewer amino acids.

 Melanotan II  is cheaper in comparison, but it’s associated with more side effects.

The indications of using Melanotan

Skin pigmentation

Many people wish to have tanned skin, but cannot go through the long process of putting sunscreen and lying down for hours while the sun exerts its effects.

For this group of people,  Melanotan 2 injections which are a great alternative to sun exposure and carry no risk of developing skin cancer. The tanning injections of Melanotan are linked to a lower risk of skin cancer, which we’ll cover in more detail in another section.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common medical condition that affects a considerable number of males. It entails the inability to get or maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse.

The causes of ED are multifactorial, and in many cases, physicians are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of this condition.

Overall, ED could be classified into two categories; the first one involves an underlying medical condition that causes the blood flow to get interrupted (e.g. chronic blood hypertension).

The second category, which is by far the most common, is known as a psychogenic erectile dysfunction. In other words, it is the result of mental issues, such as stress, low self-esteem, and other social factors.

Fortunately, the use of Melanotan can reduce the frequency of erectile dysfunction, but we do not have sufficient clinical data to commercialize the use of Melanotan for this purpose.

Reduction of skin cancer risk

As we mentioned earlier, Melanotan reduces the risk of skin cancer and other dermatological conditions since it offers a natural barrier against harmful UV radiation, as well as other pathogens.

One of the most common cancers that affect people with fair skin is melanoma, which originates from melanocytes.

The most prevalent risk factor for melanoma is prolonged exposure to UV light.

Interestingly, this type of cancer is rarely seen in people with darker skin, we suggests that buy melanotan 2 injections which prodvides a protective layer against UV light.

There are two ways to get that protective layer:

  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • The tanning injection of Melanotan

As you probably deduced, there is an obvious contradiction here; the first option to gain a protective layer against skin cancer is also a major risk factor of skin cancer!

Therefore, your best bet is to go with the tanning injections using Melanotan.

The contraindications of using Melanotan

The main contraindication of Melanotan is uncontrolled high blood pressure, especially in patients who are susceptible to angina pectoris.

This is due to an observation that demonstrated Melanotan’s vasoconstriction properties, which only exacerbate pre-existing blood hypertension.
Aside from this contraindication, Melanotan seems to be well-tolerated by the body.

The side effects of Melanotan

While rare, there are some side effects to tanning injections of Melanotan, especially in the first sessions.

These include:

Digestive symptoms

The most common digestive symptom is nausea.

Scientists still don’t have a clear understanding of the underlying mechanism; however, if you experience this side effect, you can use anti-nausea medications (e.g. ondansetron) to stop the symptom.

Facial flushing

This adverse effect is prevalent when the site of injection is near the facial area.

Nevertheless, the facial flushing does not last for long, as the skin recovers its normal color after a few days.

Diminished appetite

Another symptom with unclear pathophysiology is reduced appetite, which also disappears shortly after the tanning injection.

Increased libido

As we mentioned earlier, Melanotan was originally designed to help patients with sexual dysfunction since it helps regulate sex hormones, such as testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen.

For a group of patients, this side effect is the result they wanted from the start. However, prolonged erection can lead to tissue damage.

If you experience any uncomfortable erections, you should stop taking the supplement and contact your physician to get personalized instructions.


Melanotan tanning peptides is a fantastic substance to get that tan you have been chasing without exposing your skin to the destructive UV radiation.

This molecule can be injected subcutaneously (under the skin), which induces melanin production of that region and gives you a lasting tan.

Hopefully, you got familiar with the types of Melanotan, its indications, and contraindications.

For more information about how to use this molecule, check out this page Melanotan 2.

However, if you still any questions about this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below; we are always excited to read your comments.

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