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Is Melanotan The Right Product For Your Fake Tan?

If you love to have a tan but hate to lie outdoors to get it, especially as the sun's damaging rays can give you skin cancer, you may be looking for a good fake tanning product instead.

With millions of people now using a tanning product called Melanotan, it may be one of the products you really should look into using.

What is Melanotan?

It is a peptide that causes the body to tan just like it would if you laid out in the sun for several hours. Unlike lying out in the sun, however, using Melanotan is perfectly safe. Especially as it will not give you skin cancer like the sun very well can.

Melanotan 2 where to buy?

Melanotan and Melanotan 2 are available from a variety of online Melanotan 2 suppliers. Prices tend to be similar across all of them, so look for information about a supplier's reputation before anything else. You can buy buy Melanotan 2 in our store.

How do you use Melanotan?

It must be delivered into your system via injection of the peptide under your skin. You only need to have one injection, however, and your tan will begin to activate as soon as you go out into the sun.

If you wish to maintain a nice looking suntan long-term, all you need to do so is to inject Melanotan under your skin again. With just one injection needed every one to two weeks, it is not a product that requires much time either.

How to start with Melanotan?

The first time you use the peptide, it should be a low dose. You can then build on that dose every day for a week or so, until you eventually have the color of tan you require.

From then on, the only time you need to use the substance is when you want to maintain the tan you already have.

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