Phillips Morris 09/09/2022

Great service, no problems with delivery to Germany!

Rick Rolls 18/07/2022

Insuffisant infos, but tan peptide is great!

Samantha Danley 16/04/2022

Amazing customer service received the product - Melanotan 2 in 9 days to Australia. All my questions were answered within an hour via email! This is my 3rd seller for MT2 as the other two have been flakey, unresponsive and a bit sketchy

Mark 03/03/2022

I've tried other tanning products, but's Melanotan 2 is by far the most convenient. It's now a staple in my tanning routine.

Johnsen 05/11/2021

I've been using Melanotan 2 from, and the results are amazing! The even tan I've achieved is exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend!