Larisa Woodler 14/07/2021

Great service, no problems with delivery to Australia.

Keith Reardonal 26/06/2021

The first time I made an order, the package with Melanotan 2 arrived in the UK the next day. Good quality product. Thank.

Greg Waters 23/06/2021

My order is being held up in Chicago since Sep 10th haven’t heard a reason why. Called P.O. and they said customs has it and don’t know why they have it!

佐藤 佐藤 23/06/2021

私は日本への配送で2つのMelanotan 2を購入しました。

Endy Crow 17/06/2021

I took Melanotan and it is not the first time it helps me. I have taken three different brands of Melanotan recently. I can say that Melanotan from "BUYMELANOTAN" is the mildest one. Tan is very smooth for 1.5-2 weeks without moles, etc. A tube of 10mg was enough for 2 people perfectly.