Valter Stalker 12/06/2021

Very happy with the price of Melanotan :)

Dave Brass 28/05/2021

Fast Melanotan delivery in UK and fast reply’s if needing questions answered (like I have) my tan is looking good already as a few people have asked if I’ve been away …only been on sunbed twice a week and injections 3 times a week<br/>…absolutely love it.

Laura Miller 26/05/2021

Amazing product, I ordered over a few months ago, and it has not failed me yet. My tan has stayed beautifully glowing, with minimal sun exposure. Just put in my second order, and will continue to order from you

Tony 19/05/2021

The product works really Good

Lisa Willson 07/05/2021

Melanotan 2 - Great product for tan. Like everyone I was a little hesitant and bombarded them with questions to which I always received a prompt reply and great advice. I have pale skin and have never had a tan or any colour, after a week I almost gave up by then visited a tanning salon and after one visit I noticed a little colour so persevered and continued and now I have a really nice golden glow and lots of people have asked me where I have been on holiday, first time that’s ever happened even when I have been. So you can actually go as dark as you wish to with this product, felt a little sick after the first few injections but that stopped. Overall it’s a great product and it’s supported by great staff that give excellent advice.