Mary Petterson 02/05/2021

“Best UK Melanotan-2 supplier, no question” We all love to have that summer glow don’t we? Nothing better than having that summer tan. In 2018 I discovered a way to keep my tan topped up during the colder periods – and it’s called Melanotan 2. Over the years I have tried most of the companies out there – many have come and gone but "BUYMELANOTAN" have been around for a long time and they always deliver for me. Best Customer Support While there are very rarely any issues, if there ever are any issues then their team – who seem very approachable and friendly – are also always on hand to deal with any issues or queries and problems are very easily sorted Fastest delivery. You’re told that your product will be dispatched within 24 hours of being processed and they never seem to disappoint. Their first class, signed for service always arrives on time and I have never had any issues with their products either. Plus their next day delivery service is always on point to, I’ve never not had a package delivered by 1pm the next day so that is why they get my stamp of approval for delivery. “So all in all – great product, fast delivery, friendly, professional service. Highly recommended”

Susana 25/04/2021

Just orderd my second lot, amazing stuff and I have gone a deep natural brown , headaches first 2 days but nothing paracetamol won't cure, and they disappear, i look like I have been in Bahamas for 6months

Paull 23/04/2021

"Ordered 5 vials and back water.
Received my order after 2 days and began the product immediately.
Can't comment on side effects as others have experienced as I had none.
After 3 sun beds my tan is looking really dark already (I live in Scotland with barely any sunshine)
I have ran this at 8iu everyday due to the insulin pin going up in 2's and also due to my weight
Extremely pleased with this product and will be purchasing again one this order is finished!

Thank you "

April 23/04/2021

I ordered this product on April 16th 2021 an it’s been held up in Chicago since April 18th I gave up on ever receiving this product an usps just apologizes for the inconvenience an no more information on what the hold up is but the company did give me a refund since it’s having problems getting Thur US customs

Maria 11/03/2021

Ordered three more vials two weeks ago because I want to maintain my beautiful tan that gets compliments wherever I go. The package was shipped immediately and tracking number given. Took four days to get to Sweden but then another ten days for the postal service here to do their thing. Prefer to buy from UK as this supplier is honest, helpful and accommodating. Don't hesitate to purchase from here wherever you are in the world, you will receive a superior product for a great price with amazing customer service