Vanessa Saunderson 17/03/2022

Outstanding in every aspect, excellent price, easy to use website, delivery in France within 3 days of purchase, prompt email updates on order confirmation and shipping.... and the quality of the product and result is literally incredible! Very highly recommend this company!

Schneider Taylor 21/02/2022

I received my order 2 packs of Melanotan quickly to Germany in 3 working days. A good product. Thanks.

Virginija Barzinskaite 06/01/2022

Im very happy.i was suprize oder sunday come tuesday.very good quility.stuf.and now oder second time.its same .fast delivery and good evyrthink its fine.

Teresa Cassey 15/09/2021

Was hesitant buying this product (Melanotan-2 Starter kit) as I am in Australia, and wasn’t even sure this site was legitimate. However, I need not have worried! The shipping was quick with everything included - it even was labeled just as ‘skincare’ on the outside packaging :) took my first dose tonight and am excited for the results. I know it worked because I had a slight red flushing of the face, but no nausea. Recommend for use...

Dean Mitchell 09/07/2021

I've used Melanotan for a few years now and have had great results when injecting. I did try the nasal spray once and it didn't work (apparently, the molecules are too big to be absorbed through the nasal membrane) but great results all other times. I've recently started to inject again.