Teresa Cassey 15/09/2021

Was hesitant buying this product (Melanotan-2 Starter kit) as I am in Australia, and wasn’t even sure this site was legitimate. However, I need not have worried! The shipping was quick with everything included - it even was labeled just as ‘skincare’ on the outside packaging :) took my first dose tonight and am excited for the results. I know it worked because I had a slight red flushing of the face, but no nausea. Recommend for use...

Dean Mitchell 09/07/2021

I've used Melanotan for a few years now and have had great results when injecting. I did try the nasal spray once and it didn't work (apparently, the molecules are too big to be absorbed through the nasal membrane) but great results all other times. I've recently started to inject again.

Simon Leahy 04/07/2021

Unbelievably amazing! I have NEVER been able to get a tan. I kept from enjoying the ocean and going to the beach. So many events I missed out on growing up because I would burn terribly, even if only in the sun for 20 minutes. 99% of the trips/vacations I went on, I ended up having to spend indoors, laying in the bed covered in aloe, in pain and unable to move. This stuff has been Pure FREEDOM! I cannot believe how tan I have become and I can enjoy days out on the boat and on the beach. No longer embarrassed to wear shorts or hide my skin. Melanotan has truly Changed my life!! I have such confidence and can ENJOY the outdoors without fear. I experienced NO side effects. I began very slowly .015 to .025 and currently at .040. I did take 1/2 antihistamine in the beginning but now it is no longer needed. Not once did I experience any ill effects. Go slowly, take your time... it will come. Going slowly also reduces the moles/freckles you'll see. Even if you do see darker ones, they soon will blend with your new tanned skin. I would only recommend this to those who cannot tan; redheads like me. If you can tan, it is better to do so without this. Injecting is painless but does require commitment. So happy this exists!!

Ronny Melstveit 27/06/2021

Very fast delivery Melanotan less than ten days to Australia... so impressed. Thank you. Product is amazing...

Jimmy Wolts 19/05/2021

First time ordering MT-2, everything went smooth, Will definitely be ordering again in future.