Simon Leahy 04/07/2021

Unbelievably amazing! I have NEVER been able to get a tan. I kept from enjoying the ocean and going to the beach. So many events I missed out on growing up because I would burn terribly, even if only in the sun for 20 minutes. 99% of the trips/vacations I went on, I ended up having to spend indoors, laying in the bed covered in aloe, in pain and unable to move. This stuff has been Pure FREEDOM! I cannot believe how tan I have become and I can enjoy days out on the boat and on the beach. No longer embarrassed to wear shorts or hide my skin. Melanotan has truly Changed my life!! I have such confidence and can ENJOY the outdoors without fear. I experienced NO side effects. I began very slowly .015 to .025 and currently at .040. I did take 1/2 antihistamine in the beginning but now it is no longer needed. Not once did I experience any ill effects. Go slowly, take your time... it will come. Going slowly also reduces the moles/freckles you'll see. Even if you do see darker ones, they soon will blend with your new tanned skin. I would only recommend this to those who cannot tan; redheads like me. If you can tan, it is better to do so without this. Injecting is painless but does require commitment. So happy this exists!!

Ronny Melstveit 27/06/2021

Very fast delivery Melanotan less than ten days to Australia... so impressed. Thank you. Product is amazing...

Jimmy Wolts 19/05/2021

First time ordering MT-2, everything went smooth, Will definitely be ordering again in future.

Whitmey 08/05/2021

I was very pleased with my order. It did take a while to come in, but I was aware of that when I purchased it from the united states. Everything was packaged and nothing was damaged. thank you!