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MELANOTAN 2 Tanning injections

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Melanotan - 2 (MT2) Purity 99.9% for 21.50€
Tanning injections for sale
Current batch test results
Melanotan 2 Molecular Formula: C50H69N15O9
Updated: 17 Mart, 2020
Peptide purity: 99.9%
Melanotan 2 content: 10.0 mg
Certificate of Analysis
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29.50 27.90
29.50 26.00

Melanotan II is a absolutely revolutionary sunless tanning peptide available on the our store! Melanotan 2 not only makes it possible to achieve a perfect tan without having the necessity to step out in the sun, but it also contains fat reduction properties!

The largest benefit that Melanotan II supplies is an effective defense against skin cancer.

Melanotan 2 - current batch on sale is tested to be 99.9% pure. This is often not highest accomplishable purity, however is incredibly on the brink of be excellent.

Melanotan content within the ampule is precisely as publicized 10mg no a lot of no less.

Every batch we have a tendency to get from manufacturer we have a tendency to take one sample ampule and send it to freelance drug analysis laboratory to create positive you'll ne'er receive underdosed or calibre product. once shopping for from United States you'll apprehend you're obtaining best melanotan and repair.

PLEASE NOTE: Melanotan cannot be sold-out pre-mixed, once mixed with water it's to be unbroken in icebox. don't freeze.


Sterile water and syringes sold-out severally.

How does Melanotan 2 work?

Melanotan 2 works by mimicking the action of melanocortin peptides, although it is non-selective. Melanocortin peptides are natural hormones involved in energy homeostasis, pigmentation, immune system, sexual functioning, cardiovascular system, and inflammation.  It works just like Melanotan 1, stimulating melanin production that causes the tanning of the skin.

Why buy Melanotan 2?

Completing a stage in bodybuilding takes a considerable time and attention to become ready. A bodybuilder needs to muscle up, which can be accentuated by a good tan. With the right tan, you can make lines that will pop out the definition of their muscles. With a good tanning, you can make your muscles more evident for the judges and the viewers.

It is where Melanotan 2 can help to achieve the necessary tan but without exposing themselves from too much sun. Melanotan 2 helps bodybuilders to protect themselves from UV rays while also boosting their skin’s melanin. It raises melanin levels that result in tanner skin while also increasing muscle hardness and weight loss.

Melanotan 2 (mt2 tanning injection peptide) is available for customers in UK, Australia, USA, Europe and Worldwide!

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  • Peter 07 May 2020

    Tanning injections for sale UK with fast delivery. Thank You

  • Owen 29 Apr 2020

    Product arrived The product was delivered later than usual, but it was probably due to covid-19. Order 5.04 arrived just today in Australia. The administration is very responsive, responding to emails instantly. Melanotane is in the manufacturer's packaging as shown in the advertisement. Hopefully someone will find my feedback helpful

  • Sunlov 21 Apr 2020

    The fact that the product is good many have already written. Compared to other sites - I haven't seen anything better. I am from Denmark, the product arrived within 5 days. The site is secure and verified. Recommend

  • Eddy Vagner 17 Apr 2020

    Vielen Dank. Meine Bestellung von Melanotan wurde innerhalb von 3 Tagen erfolgreich nach Bayern geliefert.

  • M68RKY 15 Apr 2020

    Nice 1, even with the bank holiday arrived in good time. Cheers.

  • Claudia Hanna 12 Apr 2020

    Just wondering if youre currently able to ship Melanotan to New Zealand and how long it would take if so? Many Thanks, Claudia

    • Administrator, 12 Apr 2020

      May take approximately 5 business days. Sending orders to any country works without problems.

  • Blake Elliott 12 Apr 2020

    How long does shipping take to get Melanotan to California?

    • Administrator, 12 Apr 2020

      Delivery may take up to approximately 7 business days.

  • tanning_boy 01 Apr 2020

    Thanks, very happy with mt2 I ordered the third time.

  • Jordan Lindsay 27 Mar 2020

    Ordered Melanotan to Australia, already received in 7 business days. Good product and good price. Thanks.

    • Mark, 27 Mar 2020

      Very happy with the product, I was buy melanotan to Australia come in 5 days . Recommend

  • Mia 26 Mar 2020

    Thank you, I received the product today. The product looks very good, I wasn't even expecting it to be so good. I'll write about the result in a couple of weeks. Beautiful sunbathing during quarantine!

  • Mikky Loyer 23 Mar 2020

    Been ordering now for the third time and I'm so happy with your product Melanotan and great service. I'm from Sweden and have never been able to get a tan. Now I have tanlines! Thanks!

  • Jan Grow 20 Mar 2020

    Thanks a lot! The product is really awesome! Recomend

    • Chris, 20 Mar 2020

      Totally agree! Thanks U

  • Lucky Witton 28 Feb 2020

    An excellent option for people who work hard, have little rest, but want to look beautiful! Tan always looks great. Time is not enough for this, but the result exceeds all expectations. Ordered Melanotan 2 to Germany.

  • Rick Rolls 24 Feb 2020

    Insuffisant infos, but tan peptide is great!

  • Bjørn 21 Feb 2020

    An amazing MT2 product very cheap for this money, 5 days from order day to Norway. Thanks you !!!

  • Brody Graham 18 Jan 2020

    Who doesn’t love a healthy tan? It makes us feel more confident and gives us a glow in our step. Though, we are advised to have limited time in the sun. It does offer some positive help in boosting vitamin D, just remember, long periods are off limits! I ordered Melanotan II 10mg, for 10 weeks from peptides shop "BUYMELANOTAN.ORG" and got a fantastic service. Were brilliant with me. I have really pale skin and burn easily, so finding out about this product from a colleague was great. I noticed results within 2 weeks, though did feel sick the first week. But, soon disappeared and I couldn’t believe how tanned I looked! An amazing product and good value for money! I will order again to Germany.

  • Jacklyn Stacey 16 Jan 2020

    How long does it take to ship to Australia?

    • Administrator, 16 Jan 2020

      Melanotan shipping to Australia usually takes 7-10 days.

  • 佐藤 15 Jan 2020

    私は日本への配送で2つのMelanotan 2を購入しました。

  • Abel Müller 14 Jan 2020

    Exzellenter Kundenservice, schnelle Lieferung der Melanotan nach Deutschland.

  • Alexandra Fox 11 Jan 2020

    Always a great and positive service. Tracking number allows me to follow my package. Arrives promptly in UK. The Melanotan gives me a natural looking tan and is very safe to use.

  • Miguel Juan 08 Jan 2020

    Gracias, buen producto y entrega rápida a España.Yo recomiendo)

  • Lee Parkenson 07 Jan 2020

    Excellent customer service, fast delivery the Melanotan to United Kingdom and beautiful packaging! The product is top quality and my skin has never looked better, i’m definitely a returning client! Thanks!

  • Alex Bleach 05 Jan 2020

    I ordered it 1 month ago to Germany. My body is already dark with Melanotan 2, but I have increased my dose to 250mcg/day and 250mcg twice a day on my tanning days (250mcg before tanning and 250mcg after). This thing is definitely working.

  • Lloyd Watts 05 Jan 2020

    Honestly, I was scared of ordering Melanotan. I already have a trusted site I use, but they're currently not taking orders. So I took a gamble and tried here, ordered by credit card and it arrived to United Kingdom 3 days later! I took a look at the reviews and this one seemed the better option. I hope my review puts anyone who has or is thinking about ordering from this site at ease. Very pleased customer.

  • Dina Raysser 03 Jan 2020

    Very responsive customer support and quick delivery to USA. Recommended seller.

  • Ronny Melstveit 29 Dec 2019

    Very fast delivery Melanotan less than ten days to Australia... so impressed. Thank you. Product is amazing...

  • Carol Wallynson 04 Dec 2019

    Order arrived today, outstanding service, thank you!

    • Administrator, 04 Dec 2019

      Thank You :)

  • Matthew Nagens 04 Dec 2019

    Certainly the best place to buy your Melanotan tanning injections. 3 days delivery to Netherlands!

  • Phillips Morris 22 Nov 2019

    Great service, no problems with delivery to Germany!

  • Michael McCoin 18 Nov 2019

    I want to buy Melanotan 2 but not sure if you ship to Canada?

    • Administrator, 18 Nov 2019

      Yes, we are shipping to Canada and worldwide!

  • Alison Tayson 15 Nov 2019

    This supplement gives me a healthy glow every day whatever the weather. I recommend it for everyone especially those who don't get outside much.

  • Dave Johnson 15 Nov 2019

    Do you ship to USA? If so how long and how much?

    • Administrator, 15 Nov 2019

      Yes, we do ship to USA and Worldwide. Delivery on average takes 8 business days.

  • Kayla Hoyle 08 Oct 2019

    For most users who take the appropriate dosage Melanotan II does not present any adverse side effects. Of those who do experience mild negative side effects they are generally those documented in the original clinical study of Melanotan II in humans, namely: flushing of the face and mild nausea. These side effects usually only last for 1-2 hours after the injection and usually only occur after the first 1-3 injections, after which they do not occur again unless a long break is taken between usage. To reduce the occurrence of side effects its recommended to take your dose just before going to sleep at night and preferably having eaten 1-2 hours before (i.e. not on an empty stomach). If you are sensitive you should also take an anti-histamine 2 hours before injection. While Melanotan II was developed by scientists in the 1980’s its usage in the general population is relatively new, with the earliest reports dating back to 2003. Unfortunately it’s impossible to know for certain the long term side effects of any product until it has been used by many individuals for a long period of time. Pleasingly though, reports and detailed logs from people using the product consistently for the past 5-6 years indicate that there are no documented negative long term side effects of Melanotan II usage. Furthermore an exhaustive search of thousands of users via blogs, online forums and social sites indicates that the overall response to Melanotan 2 is nothing short of miraculous. Positive noted effects included increased libido for men and women, healthier erections for men especially in the mornings and clitoral stimulation for women throughout the day, so much in fact many refer to it as the women’s Viagra. Lastly some have reported noticeable fat burning properties and not only a deeper and accelerated tan but less risk of getting sun burns.

  • Maddie Morrison 08 Oct 2019

    I've been using this Melanotan for less than a month and already have a good base tan.

  • Dan Balan 07 Oct 2019

    Started using Melanotan about 7 years ago, it was very unknown at the time, just myself and a few training buddies knew about it. We were always dark as hell and everyone asked us if we lived at the beach or something. I see a lot of warnings on here about this stuff, but over the last 7 years I've been using it, my friends, we haven't had or heard of any major side effects or health issues related to MT-2.

  • Stive Dragon 07 Oct 2019

    Have used Melanotan about 3 years. No side effects (except libido, which is kid of fun), just the pain of the needle and slight seasick during 10 min. after injection.

  • Juli Calcagno 04 Oct 2019

    I always burn in the sun and found this great help on my holidays, got my supply from after a friend recommended it.

  • Simon Leahy 04 Oct 2019

    Unbelievably amazing! I have NEVER been able to get a tan. I kept from enjoying the ocean and going to the beach. So many events I missed out on growing up because I would burn terribly, even if only in the sun for 20 minutes. 99% of the trips/vacations I went on, I ended up having to spend indoors, laying in the bed covered in aloe, in pain and unable to move. This stuff has been Pure FREEDOM! I cannot believe how tan I have become and I can enjoy days out on the boat and on the beach. No longer embarrassed to wear shorts or hide my skin. Melanotan has truly Changed my life!! I have such confidence and can ENJOY the outdoors without fear. I experienced NO side effects. I began very slowly .015 to .025 and currently at .040. I did take 1/2 antihistamine in the beginning but now it is no longer needed. Not once did I experience any ill effects. Go slowly, take your time... it will come. Going slowly also reduces the moles/freckles you'll see. Even if you do see darker ones, they soon will blend with your new tanned skin. I would only recommend this to those who cannot tan; redheads like me. If you can tan, it is better to do so without this. Injecting is painless but does require commitment. So happy this exists!!

  • Keith Reardonal 03 Oct 2019

    The first time I made an order, the package with Melanotan 2 arrived in the UK the next day. Good quality product. Thank.

  • Endy Crow 30 Sep 2019

    I took Melanotan and it is not the first time it helps me. I have taken three different brands of Melanotan recently. I can say that Melanotan from "BUYMELANOTAN" is the mildest one. Tan is very smooth for 1.5-2 weeks without moles, etc. A tube of 10mg was enough for 2 people perfectly.

  • Valter Stalker 30 Sep 2019

    Very happy with the price of Melanotan :)

  • Lisa Willson 27 Sep 2019

    Melanotan 2 - Great product for tan.
    Like everyone I was a little hesitant and bombarded them with questions to which I always received a prompt reply and great advice.
    I have pale skin and have never had a tan or any colour, after a week I almost gave up by then visited a tanning salon and after one visit I noticed a little colour so persevered and continued and now I have a really nice golden glow and lots of people have asked me where I have been on holiday, first time that’s ever happened even when I have been. So you can actually go as dark as you wish to with this product, felt a little sick after the first few injections but that stopped.

    Overall it’s a great product and it’s supported by great staff that give excellent advice.

  • Mary Petterson 27 Sep 2019

    “Best UK Melanotan-2 supplier, no question”

    We all love to have that summer glow don’t we? Nothing better than having that summer tan. In 2018 I discovered a way to keep my tan topped up during the colder periods – and it’s called Melanotan 2. Over the years I have tried most of the companies out there – many have come and gone but "BUYMELANOTAN" have been around for a long time and they always deliver for me.

    Best Customer Support

    While there are very rarely any issues, if there ever are any issues then their team – who seem very approachable and friendly – are also always on hand to deal with any issues or queries and problems are very easily sorted

    Fastest delivery.

    You’re told that your product will be dispatched within 24 hours of being processed and they never seem to disappoint. Their first class, signed for service always arrives on time and I have never had any issues with their products either.

    Plus their next day delivery service is always on point to, I’ve never not had a package delivered by 1pm the next day so that is why they get my stamp of approval for delivery.

    “So all in all – great product, fast delivery, friendly, professional service. Highly recommended”

  • Daina Fox, model, London 27 Sep 2019

    Say hello to summer everyday!

    Saying bye bye to the summer for many years was a once a depressing fact of my life!

    I’d just managed to build up a nice tan, then in my mind I knew within a few weeks it would disappear and I would be back to super pale.

    Then in the 1980’s this wonderful invention became available to everyone – the sunbed! This gave people the opportunity to be at home and still get a tan. People of my age (40 something) will remember walking down a street and seing the bright violet glow coming from many an upstairs window and thinking “I wish I had one of those”

    Since the 1980’s sun beds have become much more powerful – what used to take and hour on each side now take 2 mins in a stand up sun bed a few times a week.

    Then in the mid 2000’s a new product hit the market – Melanotan or tanners as they soon became known. This was a white powder calledMelanotan 2 which when mixed with sterile water became an injectable solution.

    The popularity of the jabs went off the scale, with people dubbing it the”Barbie drug” and “perma tan” in certain parts of the country, not to mention on TV became the norm.

    Some people had a problem with using a syringe, even though the needle is tiny. Sure enough, before long, the labs starting producing Melanotan ins nasal spray form.

    The product moved forward in leaps and bounds and was finally reengineered to become Melanotan 2(MT2). This gave better and longer lasting results than the original formula. Using the product is very simple:-

    Firstly when you buy make sure they are never pre-mixed; melanotan once mixed is a very fragile solution which should never be shaken.

    During shipping this could happen and you may not get the results you desire.

    There are plenty of videos online on how to inject – just take a look at them on youtube.

    You start your course taking a very small amount daily (in general 0.1ml). After day 4 start using a sun bed a couple of times a week. Keep taking the product daily and using the sun bed until you get the to the colour you desire.

    Then it’s a simple case of once a week on a sun bed (or indeed in the sun if we have any) when you see your tan fading.

    Thats it. A simple way to keep an all round tan.

    And the best place to buy it – "BUYMELANOTAN" wins hands down for fast, friendly service and consistent quality!

  • Dave Brass 27 Sep 2019

    Fast Melanotan delivery in UK and fast reply’s if needing questions answered (like I have) my tan is looking good already as a few people have asked if I’ve been away …only been on sunbed twice a week and injections 3 times a week
    …absolutely love it.

  • Laura Miller 27 Sep 2019

    Amazing product, I ordered over a few months ago, and it has not failed me yet.
    My tan has stayed beautifully glowing, with minimal sun exposure. Just put in my second order, and will continue to order from easytan

  • Tony 20 Sep 2019

    The product works really Good

  • Melisa Brown 10 Sep 2019

    This is not the first time I have ordered "BUY MELANOTAN" in this store, I really like it. Fast shipping.

  • Sara Conor 10 Sep 2019

    Great Melanotan 2 store with quality products.

  • Sam Smith 29 Aug 2017

    You are back....... Yeah!!!

  • Lauren 09 Aug 2017

    When will this be back in stock as it's been out of stock the past while now ?

  • Britney 17 July 2017

    100% worth it, i was pale white and after only doing 4 injections out of 10 i am extremely dark (i stopped after 4 days as i didn't like injecting myself) this is my second tine ordering them as im tan obsessed now lol, will be getting someone to inject them for me an hopefully complete the whole 10 ml !:), if you don't tan these are 100% gna be the best things for you

  • Monatik 23 Jun 2017

    Just ordered this, and I am a melanotan virgin. :D :D :D I will wright back after

  • Macgregor 23 May 2017

    3th time I have been ordering from this site. The tan have been appearing after 8 days, and then you only gets taner. But I'm wondering how long it does hold before going "bad" trowed away the other one, because I hadn't used it in 2 months. So ordered a new one now

  • Folla 15 May 2017

    very good tan very quickly.

  • Juicy 01 May 2017

    Hey, i'm a melanotan virgin, just ordered my first vial. I will start with a 0,25mg, but for how long do I use that ammount? when do I increse it and to what? and how often?

  • Kelly Rowland 24 Apr 2017

    Hi guys so I ordered my first batch came within 1 week and that's with the whole Easter weekend . I'm skin type 1-2 and have been injection 0.1 every night with a sun bed during the day . I've had the odd hot flush once after injection but no bad sickness as of yet . Am I injecting the correct amount? Is this the same as every one else ? I'm worried I'm not injection enough and then on the other hand I make myself believe I'll over dose if I take to much . This is due to my anxiety running wild

  • gusein gasanov 05 Apr 2017

    Really reliable supplier, been using them for a while now

  • Beyonce 21 Mar 2017

    Awesome !!! After 5 days it came to me and I live in Denmark

  • Susana 10 Mar 2017

    Just orderd my second lot, amazing stuff and I have gone a deep natural brown , headaches first 2 days but nothing paracetamol won't cure, and they disappear, i look like I have been in Bahamas for 6months

  • Paula 25 Feb 2017

    Order my first bottle on Thursday and came to day is Friday happy with the way it looks and time it took to get till me

  • Paull 15 Feb 2017

    Ordered 5 vials and back water. Received my order after 2 days and began the product immediately. Can't comment on side effects as others have experienced as I had none. After 3 sun beds my tan is looking really dark already (I live in Scotland with barely any sunshine) I have ran this at 8iu everyday due to the insulin pin going up in 2's and also due to my weight Extremely pleased with this product and will be purchasing again one this order is finished! Thank you

  • Berkova 09 Aug 2016

    I have placed an order and emailed twice and not had any reply is this site legit?

  • Toni mantana 05 July 2016

    Can't describe how amazing This stuff is never mind the customer service!!! 5*****!!! Beautiful golden tan within 1 week. I injected 10mg every 3-4 days as it stays in your body for 36hours and OMG my tan was gorgeous!!! Now I've got the tan I want I Inject once a week and have 2-3 sunbeds to maintain. All questions were answered within 1 day! So happy I stuck to this website as there's a lot out there to con you out. Just ordered my 3rd bottle. P.S anyone asking about it the bank transfer I used this method when the other system was down San it took about 4-5 days to come :) :) :)

  • Lawrence Jenniffer 04 July 2016

    Good customer service if u worried about using Internet. Great mt2 fast delivery .

  • Kim kardasijan 11 May 2016

    Fantastic product, love it. deff recommended. can't fault it in any way, recommended product and service. I was a little worried cause last time i ordered online from other site i did not receive anything. Thanks keep it up.

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