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Code: melanotan ii nasal spray
melanotan 2 nasal spray kit plus extra 1x melanotan 2
melanotan 2 nasal spray extra x2 mt2 + 2ml water
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The Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray Kit comes complete with:

1 - 10mg vial of Melanotan 2

1 - fixed needle syringe for mixing

1 - 2ml of sterile water

1 - nasal spray bottle with pump

The nasal spray vial and pump are reusable.

Melanotan nasal spray – a simple alternative to injections

The form of nasal spray is a perfect solution for people who can’t stand injections or just want to avoid painful skin penetrations.


Melanotan 2 nasal spray mixing instructions:

  • Open the vial with Melanotan and clean the top using a sterile wipe.
  • Open the vial with water and fill the syringe to the max.
  • Stick the syringe into the Melanotan vial and push the water into it.
  • Shake the MT vial after filling it with water.
  • Use the syringe to take the mixture out of those vials and carefully place it into the nasal spray bottle.

Before the discovery of the nasal spray delivery method, the only viable delivery method was Subcutaneous Injection, hence the more common name tanning injections. The Melanotan nasal spray delivery method was developed by users who did not want to use the injections.

There are several reasons that someone may prefer the MT2 nasal spray:

  1. There is a stigma related to self-injecting because of its use in addictive substances.
  2. Quite a few people have a phobia of needles.
  3. It can sometimes be painful.

But these users still wanted the peptides desired effects not just for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays but also more and more users wanted it for its cosmetic effects. Its cosmetic effects got Melanotan 2 labeled by the media as the Barbie drug.

However there are pros and cons to both delivery methods, the nasal spray method isn’t as effective as the injections, because the nasal cavity only has a 30-45% absorption rate. Therefore it will take 2-3 times much to achieve the same results. Also, a percentage of the nasal spray may reach the throat and be destroyed. On the plus side, there are reports of less nausea associated with the nasal spray method.

The Melanotan 2 nasal spray delivery method is effective and a valid alternative for those who don’t want injections.

Note: The kit must be reconstituted with sterile water.

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  • Thomas 27 Oct 2020

    This is an update from a previous comment (it looks like it was deleted..)
    I ordered 2 nasal sprays a few weeks ago, and it took them 2 weeks to contact me....
    When my package finally arrived (2 weeks ago) I found that they had only sent 1 nasal spray instead of two. They don't seem very organized or responsive.
    As to the peptide, I've been using it for almost ten days now (one spray in each nostril once a day), and been laying out in the sun and haven't noticed any change. This may be because I am using a wrong dosage or maybe the peptide isn't potent enough. I am not sure, but this is my experience with this company and their product.
    I hope you find this review useful!

    • Administrator, 27 Oct 2020

      Your previous comment was in starter kit section its not deleted ! The nasal spray method is effective up to 10 – 20% and will only show results after 30 days, you can read this online for this dosage. If you want better results from the nasal sprays you will need to take a higher dosage. But if you want a fast result within 10 days you will need to inject it.
      It also did not take as 2 weeks to contact you as soon as you sent us an email we responded to them the same or next working day.
      I apologies that you received 1 within your order but as soon as you messaged us about this problem we sent the other one to you, we rarely make mistakes, but we always fix the issues as fast as possible.
      If you want to find out more about the product we have a blog which describes the effects of the nasal spray and injection methods.

  • mendybaldauf 08 Sep 2020

    How long the tan last from the melanotan 2 nasal spray please ? I would like to order. I’m skin type 2/3 (light brown) how long it takes to see results please ?

    • Administrator, 08 Sep 2020

      They might not be as fast acting as tanning injections or tanning beds but they can work despite how strange they might sound. Nasal tanning sprays take around 3–4 weeks to work and require daily applications during this timeframe

  • Lisa 29 July 2020

    Can you comment on the fake reviews on your website? I saw one of the exact reviews on a forum from YEARS ago. it was NOT posted in 2020. So, I know at least that review is a lie... this makes me think they are all lies and maybe I cannot trust your company. Can you please comment on this?

    • Administrator, 29 July 2020

      Hi Lisa, Just like you posted your comment in this section just like anyone else can add a comment. We do not control the content and do not write comments ourselves. We only respond to comments that already exist.

  • emo 13 July 2020


    • Administrator, 13 July 2020

      The nasal spray method is effective up to 10 – 20%

  • Administrator 09 July 2020

    A little information
    Which is better: Injections, Oral or Nasal?

    Injection is the most effective way to administrate the peptide and results are seen the fastest and best. The nasal spray method is effective up to 10 – 20% because the nasal passages have poor absorption rate, you have to apply the nasal spray at least two to three times more than the injection. The inject-able product of the Melanotan is very superior as compared to the nasal version. The nasal versions generally take four to five weeks for displaying the results appose to 10 days with the injection.

  • Els Froyen 27 Mar 2020

    About 3 weeks ago I started an experiment with MT-2 nasal spray and I'll put my ongoing experience with it on here - as there really isn't any good information out there about it that I've found. My motivation to use: I've done 2 month-long cycles of subcutaneous MT-2, so I have a baseline of experience. I'm a family man and I'm not thrilled about having syringes in the house. My wife hates the idea of me injecting myself and I don't like having to hide it from her. Lastly, and equally as important - I wanted to experiment and see how well it worked. I bought a bottle of Melanotan 2 and when mix it with bacteriostatic water into a 10mg vial of MT-2 with a syringe to reconstitute the peptide and then ejected it into the nasal spray container. I store the bottle in the fridge, of course. One of the positives of the spray - easy to use. The only negative that I can think of is the fact that I'll be using twice as much MT-2. I hope my experience helps someone.

    • Administrator, 27 Mar 2020

      June - We do not verify the authenticity of this comment. Here everyone can record what they want

    • June, 27 Mar 2020

      This review is a very old post from a forum I have read many times. This is not an authentic review from March 27, 2020... it was posted years ago on a forum... So now I think I cannot trust this company.

  • Alexandra Paddge 22 Mar 2020

    Ordered twice from here and both times it took 2-3 buisness days for the products to arrive in France. Its all packed great and it was very easy as a first time user to mix it myself thanks to the instructions on the page. Now I use only Melanotan nasal spray, because I do not like injections.

    • Administrator, 22 Mar 2020

      Your are welcome

  • Darina Watts 22 Mar 2020

    Fantastic stuff, it made my tan much better without using a needle.

  • Vanessa Saunderson 22 Mar 2020

    Outstanding in every aspect, excellent price, easy to use website, delivery in France within 3 days of purchase, prompt email updates on order confirmation and shipping.... and the quality of the product and result is literally incredible! Very highly recommend this company!

    • Administrator, 22 Mar 2020


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