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Buy tanning injection - Melanotan 2 (Starter Kit). 


Melanotan 2 (Starter Kit). ☀️ Tanning injections for sale ☀️ Buy Online with CC☀️Melanotan 2 Australia, ☀️ melanotan 2 buy ☀️Melanotan 2 UK ☀️USA ☀️ Worldwide☀️ All in one kit, kit includes:

1x 1ml mixing syringe

10x 0.5ml insulin syringe with ultra fine and short needle for 'feel nothing'  experience

1x 10mg melanotan 2

1x 2ml sterile water ampoule

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  • Lucy 14 May 2020

    During a pandemic, the product is delivered later than usual. The product I bought about a month ago in Miami was delivered only today. I hope someone will find this information useful. I wish the administration patience, because I myself have written to them countless times with the question of where the product is. So do not experience the product will come. The product looks really good, I will start testing today. Kisses for everyone :***

  • Schneider Taylor 27 Mar 2020

    I received my order 2 packs of Melanotan quickly to Germany in 3 working days. A good product. Thanks.

  • Gabriëlla 20 Mar 2020

    Received my package
    Thank you :)

  • Jo 18 Feb 2020

    This is the best product what i seen on market, thank you i'm very satisfied. I recommend to everyone 5+

  • Inger Odgaar 18 Jan 2020

    Melanotan 2 comes in 10 mg vials and you take it according to how dark you want your tan to be. If you combine it with sunbathing, you’ll get faster results. Easy to deal with and helpful, I couldn’t have been more impressed with their overall service. In addition, delivery to Spain was fast and it came packaged with all the dosage and storage details. Let’s not forget the good price too! I love to have a tan and this was a great solution over other self-tanning methods. All in all, I was pleased with the results.

  • Nic Wansey 16 Jan 2020

    I was surprised at the speed of the Melanotan delivery, I live in USA and it came within a week, no troubles in the customs, package came and everything was in it, no worries what so ever. Tanning peptide just for my skin. Good supplier of Melonotan. Thanks...

  • Marco Picelli 11 Jan 2020

    Got this delivered in Italy with no problem. Price is reasonable to Melanotan and shipping time is ok.

  • Jonathan Cristopher 07 Jan 2020

    The order came quickly to Belgium as expected. This is my third time ordering and I will order again Melanotan.

  • Virginia Powell 05 Jan 2020

    Tanning peptide is a type of peptide that stimulates production of melanin in the body. Melanin production is your body's natural response to UV damage, its main purpose is darkening of the skin to protect it from being damaged.

  • Anthony Lee 05 Jan 2020

    Warm tan can last for months on end without exposure to the sun using Melanotan. By contrast, tan developed naturally fade very quickly in a matter of days depending on persons skin type.

  • Samantha Danley 05 Jan 2020

    Amazing customer service received the product - Melanotan 2 in 9 days to Australia.
    All my questions were answered within an hour via email!
    This is my 3rd seller for MT2 as the other two have been flakey, unresponsive and a bit sketchy

  • Teresa Cassey 18 Nov 2019

    Was hesitant buying this product (Melanotan-2 Starter kit) as I am in Australia, and wasn’t even sure this site was legitimate. However, I need not have worried! The shipping was quick with everything included - it even was labeled just as ‘skincare’ on the outside packaging :) took my first dose tonight and am excited for the results. I know it worked because I had a slight red flushing of the face, but no nausea. Recommend for use...

  • Dolly Weels 15 Nov 2019

    Maximally noticeable difference in color with the maximum dose if taken as instructed.

  • Roberto Brawn 15 Nov 2019

    Store has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of Melanotan peptides by offering the excellent quality peptides at the nominal cost. Thanks.

    • Administrator, 15 Nov 2019

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Matthew Pickals 15 Nov 2019

    Amazing product, I ordered over a few months ago, and it has not failed me yet. My tan has stayed beautifully glowing, with minimal sun exposure.

  • Patrick Adler 15 Nov 2019

    Melanotan II - Good Experience

    I have been utilizing Melanotan II the most recent 3 years with extraordinary achievement. For the most part I am extremely pale, so Melanotan II has totally changed my life style as i am at last ready to tan without getting a sunburn.

    I attempted Melanotan from numerous diverse suppliers, and discovered there is a strikingly incredible contrast with respect to the quality.

    By and large i needed to manage undesirable reactions like cerebral pains or dull pigmentation, yet since i discovered a decent U.K. seller no reactions happen any longer.

  • Larisa Woodler 15 Nov 2019

    Great service, no problems with delivery to Australia.

  • Dean Mitchell 07 Oct 2019

    I've used Melanotan for a few years now and have had great results when injecting. I did try the nasal spray once and it didn't work (apparently, the molecules are too big to be absorbed through the nasal membrane) but great results all other times. I've recently started to inject again.

  • Michal Walas 07 Oct 2019

    This Melanotan is awesome! I was scared to use it bc I never injected anything else before but I was able to achieve a dark brown color after only about 5 tanning bed visits. I haven't used the shots in about 6 weeks and I tan once every other week and I still have a good base tan! Love this stuff.

  • Macy Rose 04 Oct 2019

    Really great service, fast and the stuff really works, I have vitilgo, going on holiday means the Caribbean, hot to say the last, buy this stuff kinda helps mein the sun, my white patches on my skin where there is no melamine does not get burnt and blister, this is why that i do the Melanotan tanning injections, they are harmless s fr a I know and I have been dong them a few years.

  • Greg Waters 03 Oct 2019

    My order is being held up in Chicago since Sep 10th haven’t heard a reason why. Called P.O. and they said customs has it and don’t know why they have it!

  • Jimmy Wolts 30 Sep 2019

    First time ordering MT-2, everything went smooth, Will definitely be ordering again in future.

  • Jason Whiteroof 27 Sep 2019

    Was a bit hesitant but my order and the delivery has been seamless and the items are as stated. Hugely impressed and will buy again regularly.

  • Ilon Mask 07 Sep 2017

    Thank You guys !

  • Tim Cook 05 Aug 2017

    Back again. Finished first vial, half way through the second and I am super tan!! I have never had a tan like this! Using sunbeds 2-3 times a week, 8 minute sessions and haven't burned once. This product really is amazing. Only downfall for me is actually getting the courage to inject myself with a needle everyday.. worth it though

  • Deniss Gusev 29 July 2017

    All good to send to Denmark..Thanks:)

  • Mauka 23 Jun 2017

    started my first vial week ago and it works like magic i am super happy, i dont normally tan well but after only a week i have tan like never before, i was taking melanotan daily for the first week now i will take it only once a week and see how it goes. highly recommended to everyone who struggles with tan.

  • Sigal 26 May 2017

    good mt2 :) deliver to germany only 3 days....i love :)

  • Eminem 15 May 2017

    very good tan very quickly. maybe surdosage with 1 mg ? an allergic reaction ?

  • Sasha Gray 19 Apr 2017

    Order arrived in 2 weeks, ordered my first batch 2 month ago and was impressed with quality, must be really concentrated. I ordered this stuff 1 year ago from different site and i did not feel it working as well as this. will be back for more

  • Basta 05 Apr 2017

    Best Melanotan site going around! I am in Aus and was unsure if I'd get the right product and if it would make it to my door but it did and it is great! The support team are also very helpful and flexible. I have just ordered my second batch. Works so well, it is everything you want it to be!

  • Timati 27 Mar 2017

    fantastic product i have to say, it definitely works. Got my order fast enough so rate 5

  • Buzova Olga 11 May 2016

    love product, love support, i had problem with my order which was my own fault but seller sorted out quickly, other suppliers don't even bother to email back. 5 star (star)

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