Unisharp 10 x 1ml 30G INSULIN SYRINGE

Unisharp 10 x 1ml 30G INSULIN SYRINGE

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These Unisharp 1ml 30G fixed needle syringes, with coloured plungers and needle caps, come in equal quantities of white, red, lime, gold, and purple. 

The 30G needle is suitable for both injecting drugs into small veins, and also injecting hormone treatments, such as human growth hormone, melanotan  and melanotan 2, tanning injections under the skin.

The Unisharp 30G fixed needle syringes have our improved and customised syringe body design, introducing important new unique features to make self-injection easier, including:

  • Adding a 10mm plunger end disk (for improved control);


  • Removal of the collar around the plunger above the finger grips (for better access); and


  • Larger finger grips.
  • Product details
    Gauge 30G
    Needle Length (mm) 12mm
    Needle Length (inch) ½ inch
    Hub Colour Not Applicable
    Type Fixed needle 1ml syringe
    Manufacturer Exchange Supplies
    Brand Unisharp
    Product Code UF30M
    Also known as Unisharp 30, insulin type syringe

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