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Service Frequently asked questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We currenty accept only credit/debit card payments.
Q: From what countries I can order?
A: We ship to all countries, there is no restrictions on this.
Q: To which locations do you ship?
A: Our shipping service delivers in many countries, across the world, as we have customers from almost every corner of the world. Also, we are constantly adding new locations for better supply.
Q: How will I know when my order has been dispatched?
A: You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number enclosed once your order has been dispatched.
Q: How do you ship?
A: We are using regular mail services.
Q: Are orders trackable?
A: Customers are given choice to choose from standard shipping and tracked shipping. Standard shipping is free of charge, but it is recommended that you use tracked shipping so you always know where your parcel is.
Q: How long is delivery?
A: After received payment orders are always shipped next working day and shipping takes from 2-7 working days depending on your location.
Q: What information you put on parcel?
A: Only your address, packaging is discreet and does not contain any information about its content. 
Q: Is safe delivery guaranteed?
A: Yes, if your order is seized by customs we will reship for free. 
Q: Do you accept returns?
A: No. 
Q: How do i contact you for more questions?
A: Use our website's 'Contact' page or email us on
Q: Are there any special discounts for bulk orders?
A: Of course! We are already supplying bulk orders to leading salons and gyms at discounted rates. Just let us know your requirements by emailing us, and we will revert back with the estimation for wholesale prices.


Melanotan Frequently Asked Question


Q: Is melanotan safe?
A: Melanotan is safe, but it is not foolproof. Every responsible adult who is able to understand user manual can use it safely.
Q: What purity is your MT-2?
A: Our Melanotan-2 is above 99% purity. A Certificate of Analysis can be requested via email.
Q: Is there any side effects associated with use of melanotan?
A: Most common side effect is post injection sickness feeling, which is short lasting and will subside with regular use. Less common side effect is appearance of new moles and darkening of existing moles, however moles will return to previous shade once you stop using melanotan.
Q: Any long term side effects?
A: There is no evidence or real claims about any long term side effects after melanotan use. Melanotan was first developed as a treatment for skin cancer, but now because of it's capabilities to increase skin's pigmentation it has taken the world as a quick, deep and long lasting tanning drug.
It is widespread people opinion that tanning with melanotan is healthier than without it, because all known fact is that prolonged sun exposure damages skin and carries risk of skin cancer, where with melanotan use very little uv ray exposure is needed to achieve deep tan which lasts 3x longer than ussual tan.
Q: What to do with sickness feeling?
A: It is advised to take melanotan just before bed time so you sleep over this sickness feeling.
Q: Do i need sun exposure when i use melanotan 2?
A: Melanotan 2 will not work without exposure to UV rays, real or artificial. Even know very little is needed, it is not completely sunless tanner.
Q: Does it matter when i take it?
A: Melanotan is active in your body for 36 hours after injection, which means you can take it whenever you want as long as you have planned UV ray exposure within 36 hours after injection.
Q: What is melanotan pre-loading?
A: Melanotan loading is when person is doing daily injection with frequent sun exposure to achieve tanning results faster, by no means it is absolutely necessary part of melanotan use.
Q: How often to use melanotan?
A: Most common practice is injection once a week, many people wanting very dark skin tone will use it 2 times a week, but this is really down to personal lifestyle and tan level preferences.
Q: Is melanotan shipped as pre-mixed ready to use product?
A: No, melanotan can not be shipped pre-mixed, once it is mixed with sterile water it has to be kept refrigerated in fridge or other cool place. Do not freeze it.
Q: How to mix it?
A: Melanotan can be used with sterile water or bacteriostatic water. IF you have ampoule of sterile water, snap the head of it by the hand. Withdraw 1ml of sterile water in insulin syringe and slowly inject it in the melanotan vial aiming to the glass side of the vial and not directly to the powder. Give it a little shake and you have ready to use melanotan with concentration of 0.1ml - 1mg
If you want lower concentration, you can add 2ml of sterile water to the melanotan vial which will give you ready to use melanotan with concentration of 0.1ml - 0.5mg
Q: How much do i need?
A: This depends on your body weight. This is example for average 70kg adult

0.25mg - very light
0.5mg - light
1mg - common standard
1.5 - strong
2mg - very strong

Accordingly to this, 100kg male can take 1.5 - 2mg as a weekly dose, and 50kg female should start off with 0.25mg to be safe and then move to 0.5mg and 1mg if needed.
Pre-loading dose is 2x or 3x smaller than your normal maintenance dose. Reminder, you do not need to do this unless you are in rush to get really dark in a matter of days.
Melanotan is dose-dependant, that means more you use, darker your skin tone will be.
Q: Is Melanotan permanent?
A: Melanotan II Results can be permanent.
Yes, to some extent, Melanotan II permanently darkened my skin after a year of continuous use. Melanotan II is an injectable peptide mainly used to greatly increase your body's ability to tan. The pigment of your skin getting darker is the result of UV ray exposure.
Q: Where do inject Melanotan?
A: Find a fleshy area of your skin – 4 cm to the side of your belly button is the most common. Wipe the area with one of the alcohol wipes included. Pinch 2cm either side of the area to be injected. Holding the syringe like a pen, and at 90 degrees to your skin, swiftly insert the syringe into your skin.
Q: How I get injections to make your skin darker?
A: Melanotan II can only be injected with needles. It is designed to stimulate the pigment cells in your body to produce more melanin, which gives you a tan. After several injections and exposure to the sun or a sun-bed to kickstart the process, your skin tone is claimed to change from the inside out.
Q: What happens if you take too much Melanotan dose?
A: The most surprising side effect of taking too much melatonin is hyperactivity, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you're trying to get to sleep. Taking too much melatonin can also cause crankiness, headaches, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, anxiety, and excessive sleepiness.
Q: How long does it take Melanotan to work?
A: On the average, one will only need between 7 to 10 days to show results after starting Melanotan. Effect also depends largely on the type of skin. For a light-skinned user, it takes more time. Also exposure to UV determines how fast or otherwise.
Q: How much water need to mix with Melanotan 2?
A: Slowly inject 1 ml (100 IU) of sterile water into melanotan vial. use melanotan with concentration of 0.1ml - 1mg. You only have to add 1ml of sterile water to melanotan vial ONCE!
Q: Can tanning help you lose weight?
A: You can lose weight while tanning, just not the way you think. You can get seriously dehydrated while tanning. That is how you are losing weight while tanning – not from calories, but from dehydration. Any weight you lose while tanning is simply water that you sweated out.
Q: Can you get side effects from melatonin and alcohol?
A: Why you shouldn't combine melatonin and alcohol.
Even though alcohol is a sedative that can make you feel sleepy after a few drinks, it's known to reduce the amount of melatonin that your body can create. ... Because combining alcohol and melatonin can cause negative side effects to your health, it's not recommended.
Q: What does Melanotan 2 starter kit include?
A: Our Melanotan 2 starter kit offer you ‘everything’ you need to complete the course. Using these handy kit, you need not spend extra money on buying wipes, needles and etc.
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